About Hieno.store

The word “Hieno” is a Finnish word which has several meanings including fine, fancy, elegant, exclusive and funky. This is what Hieno.store aims to achieve by providing our customers a wonder and extensive selection of branded home living products from the Nordic region.

Nordic countries have among the happiest people in the world. Inspired by the motto “Charity begins at home”, possibly their aesthetic designs and quality home living products play an important role towards this happiness.

At Hieno.store, we strive to bring this “happiness” to homes and families within the ASEAN communities and eventually across Asia. What makes us different is that all our products from authentic and reputable Nordic brands are stored in our own warehouses located within Southeast Asia. For you, this means more reasonably priced items and faster delivery of goods to your homes. With an extensive selection of designer wares, decorative glassware and functional tools from reputable brands, there is always something here at Hieno.store for everyone to brighten up their homes and at the same time, serve up some happiness for the whole family.