Arabia / Moomin Bowl 15cm Moominmamma

Size: 15cm

Moominmamma is a gentle mother who cares for others. She never reveals the secrets that she has been told. She makes sure that the Moominhouse is safe and feels loving to both her family and to visitors.


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SKU: 1006377

Categories: Bowl, Collectible

Designers: Tove Slotte

Moomin Classics series features each character of the Moominvalley emphasizing each one’s own typical traits. The artwork presents the characters from the front and behind and tells the story of that specific character. The Classic Series always contains a mug, a bowl, and a plate. The artwork repeats itself in these products. The form of these products is Teema by Kaj Franck. The collection is supplemented by Hackman cutlery, Iittala glasses, and Fiskars scissors, where selected characters are featured doing their typical activities.

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