Fiskars / Ergonomic Garden Spade (Pointed)

  • For digging in hard and rocky soil. 
  • Easy penetration through soil layers and roots. 
  • Angled shaft and handle for reduced strain on back, hands and wrists. 
  • Plastic coating on the shaft for maximised comfort and grip. 
  • Boron steel material for strength.


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Categories: Soil Care

Fiskars Ergonomic Garden Spade (Pointed) has a sharp cutting edge to aerate, stir and turn soil and cut through roots. Its design ensures good performance for digging in stony, clay and hard soils. The 17º handle angle of the handle means that the hand remains in a natural position, helping to reduce strain on the hand and wrist while the Y shaped handle helps to ensure a comfortable and firm grip. The teardrop-shaped steel shaft with a plastic coating makes it extremely durable and helps to maximise the grip and insulates from the cold. The sturdy welded connection between the blade and the shaft ensures rigid durability while the Boron steel construction adds extra strength and makes penetration into the soil easier. The lifting angle of 26º has been designed for optimal digging performance.
Product article number 1001568
International Article Number (EAN) 5905568020024
Length 1250 mm

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