Fiskars / Waterwheel XL, automatic with wheels

  • All inclusive set
  • Free placement and 360 rotation for an extra wide watering area
  • Automatic reel-in
  • Horizontal design for easy watering around the garden
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Universal fit – Fits with other brands


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Categories: Watering

Watering made easy

The revolutionary Waterwheel XL with wheels starts a new era in the garden watering. After you bring home the Waterwheel XL, it takes only a few seconds to start the watering as everything is included and ready installed and there is no need to wall-mount it using a drill or other tools. Waterwheel XL can be placed anywhere in the garden which makes the watering easy and enjoyable – no corners or trees are jamming the hose. 360-degree rotation makes it possible to approach all edges of the lawn and extends the watering area to 1256 sqm with 20m hose length – this is 2x bigger watering area vs the traditional wall-mountable only reels. The innovative horizontal setting makes the reel impossible to tip while used in the garden. Automatic reel-in and all necessary equipment including connectors and nozzle stored in a specific locker in the reel makes it compact and easy to store. Wheels make it easy to move around in the garden.

Width 50,7cm
Length 26,7cm
Height 60,2cm
Weight 10,98 kg


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