Iittala / [Suomi100] Kastehelmi Jar 116x114mm (Ultramarine Blue)

With a design inspired by morning dewdrops, the beautiful Kastehelmi glass jar is perfect for storing small items, food or used as a serving dish. Plastic lid. The glass jar is dishwasher safe, lid can be handwashed.


In celebration of Finland’s 100th year of independence,
Iittala creates a special edition collection themed around
an ultramarine blue colour, loved by Iittala fans around the world.
The deep glowing colour has been made with a special glass recipe in Iittala’s glass factory in Finland as a tribute to the clarity and true warmth of the Finnish national character.


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Categories: Jar & Tin Box

Designers: Oiva Toikka

Kastehelmi (“dewdrop” in Finnish) draws inspiration from dewdrops glistening like a string of pearls under the morning sun and refers to the circles of delicate bubbles in the pressed glass that give each piece in the collection its distinct character. Originally designed by Oiva Toikka in 1964, the Kastehelmi series was relaunched in 2010. Toikka came up with the idea to use droplets of glass as decoration when trying to find a way to hide joint marks left in the production process. The result was a unique design that features rings of tiny glass bubbles that extend outwards from the center of each piece. The droplet enhanced the optical quality of Iittala’s glass recipe resulting in a glass that is like no other. For over fifty years, Kastehelmi has been a beloved Iittala series.
BRAND Iittala
SIZE 116x114mm
COLOR Ultramarine Blue (Limited Edition)
DESIGNER Oiva Toikka

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