Iittala / Kivi Candleholder 60mm (Seville Orange)

Kivi candleholders are small jewels of light that enrich and multiply a candle’s gentle glow. Available in several vibrant hues, they perfectly showcase Iittala’s unique coloured glass expertise. Combine your favourite colours to create high impact in any interior.


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Categories: Candleholder

Designers: Heikki Orvola

Kivi (meaning “stone” in Finnish) are small jewels of light designed by Heikki Orvola in 1988. The votives enrich the flame’s glow and multiplies it. Iittala’s glass experts create Kivi using solid colour for the glass mass instead of merely colouring the glass from the surface which makes the colour especially rich. Kivi is available in several different colors, each with their own special Iittala glass recipe. 
BRAND Iittala
COLOR Seville Orange
DESIGNER Heikki Orvola

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