Iittala / Moomin Glass 21cl (Little My)

Little My floating glass 21 cl is designed by Tove Slotte keeping with the original drawings by Tove Jansson. Complete your collection of Moomin glasses with this beautiful piece. 


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SKU: 1009380

Categories: Glass & Tumbler

Designers: Tove Slotte

There are all kinds of excitement in Moomin Valley with its wide cast of characters! Based on the world famous Moomin books and comics by Tove Jansson, the illustrations on the glasses have been loving drawn by Iittala artist Tove Slotte. Slotte designed the delightful Moomin objects in keeping with the original art from the cartoons while the glass shape is that of the popular Iittala Kartio glasses, designed by Kaj Franck. Iittala’s Moomin collectibles make a great gift for fans young and old.

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