Nordic Stream / Floor Cleaning Kit 160cm - Pocket Version

A modern and efficient cleaning kit for wet mopping. The kit includes a sturdy 160cm stainless steel handle with ergonomic grip.

  • Telescopic handle in stainless steel 90 – 160 cm.
  • Durable mop frame with easy attachment of mop.
  • Microfiber mop for efficient wet mopping of all types of hard floor.
  • Material: 88% polyester 12% polyamide.


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Categories: Cleaning Tools

  1. Wet Mop Refill - Microfiber mop optimal for all kinds of wet mopping, the fibers absorb the dirt with capillary force.
  2. Pocket Frame - Sturdy quick click frame
  3. Telescopic Handle - 90 - 160 cm telescopic handle with loop for storing

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