Rörstrand / Filippa K Coffee Mug Lace 31cl 2pc

Measure: 31 cl

Material: Feldspar porcelain


Since 2003 Rörstrand has been inspired by a collaboration with Filippa K, one of Sweden’s most successful fashion brands. A shared interest in design aroused curiosity about how to transfer the sensation of textiles to porcelain: the result was the first Filippa K mug. 


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Categories: Cup & Mug

Designers: Filippa K

Established in 1993, today the Filippa K fashion brand is internationally acclaimed for its Scandinavian aesthetics, elegantly restrained designs and high quality. The similarities with Rörstrand are striking, both in the timeless elegance of the company’s designs and in the ambition to create products that will outlive fleeting fads and trends. Filippa K’s uncompromising commitment to sustainable development takes many forms, including Filippa K’s own branded second-hand shop and the “Lease the Look” concept for hiring clothes.

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