Arabia / Moomin Mug 0,3L Thingumy & Bob

Thingumy and Bob are inseparable, usually walking hand in hand and speaking a weird dialect that only Hemulen understands at first. Sniff even thinks they speak a foreign language. The small and curious pair loves to hide in narrow spaces, for example in drawers or under rugs. They are friendly to everyone, but like to keep their little secrets.


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SKU: 1005329

Categories: Moomin Mug, Cup & Mug

Designers: Tove Slotte

Moomin Classics series features each character of the Moominvalley emphasizing each one’s own typical traits. The artwork presents the characters from the front and behind and tells the story of that specific character. The form of these products is Teema by Kaj Franck.
  • Freezer, microwave and oven safe
  • Dishwasher safe
Article No 1005329
Material Porcelain
Size 0,3L

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